Griffith's body building mums tackling the state in competitions

After tackling the Mornington Peninsula competition last weekend, body building mum Sheree Richardson shares her journey, from post-pregnancy body to performance ready physique.

Ms Richardson has shared her journey with Dee Barnby, and says without her encouragement and support she wouldn’t be where she was today – about to head off to the Adelaide Titles for body building.

Sheree Richardson, Ashleigh Gribble and Dee Barnby at the Mornington Peninsular Titles.

Sheree Richardson, Ashleigh Gribble and Dee Barnby at the Mornington Peninsular Titles.

“Dee is definitely the rock for the group I think, without her help and transformation I wouldn’t have come nearly as far,” Ms Richardson said.

“We were both pregnant at the same time, and she suggested we try to lose weight after our babies were born.”

“As time went on I got more into it and then I was asked if I would be interested in a competition, and I thought I’d come this far, why not?”

Starting at around 64kgs, in the space of nine months Ms Richardson dropped to 50kgs, and has been building muscle to reach a toned and taught 54kgs.

She says one of the biggest challenges so far has been the diet, especially the zero alcohol aspect.

Ms Richardson went to her first body building competition last weekend joining Ms Barnby and Ashleigh Gribble from Jason’s Gym in Mornington Peninsula, and while she “freaked out” before going on stage, she feels much more confident to compete in the upcoming Adelaide Titles.

Check out some footage of the three ladies competing in the Mornington Peninsular competition below:

Ms Richardson and Ms Gribble competed in the Bikini First Timer’s division, and joined Ms Barnby in the Sports Model, Novice and Open division, and Ms Richardson and Ms Barnby both competed in the Bikini Mommas.

While Ms Barnby came away second in the Bikini Mommas and Ms Richardson coming an excruciatingly close fourth, she says it was a great experience and has prepared her for the Adelaide Titles.

“Either way, if we win or not, it’s all a learning experience.”

Our body building pioneer Dee Barnby came away with second place in the Mommas Division, showing the girls how it was done.