Mum and Bubs workout session at Jason's Gym a real hit

When Griffith’s superstar bikini mum Dee Barnby lost 32kg in six months, the other mums in her mother's group were keen to follow her example.

They wanted to join Dee at Jason’s Gym to work out, but didn’t know who’d look after their babies.

That’s when Jason Grogan and Dee came up with the idea of a mums and bubs workout session, which occurs every Monday at 2pm.

“Mums bring in their babies and toddlers and we all take turns at watching them. I know it seems dangerous, but we’ve never had any problems, the equipment is too heavy for the babies to cause damage,” Dee said. 

“We organise a big play pen for the kids,” Jason said. 

Anyone interested in joining  can get in touch with Jason’s Gym.