Griffith hosts Biggest Morning Tea for cancer research

She may have been up since 2am making hundreds of scones, but to Deanna Marriott it was all worth it come Friday morning. 

The ever-humble Mrs Marriott has organised the biggest morning tea for many years, but always points to her hardworking team of volunteers and generous donations from local bakeries as the backbone for the event. 

“I have such a great team of ladies. They were there at 5:30am every morning in the lead-up making sandwiches for people. I couldn’t do it without them,” she said. 


She also thanked two local bakeries for their contributions to the cause. 

“They donated 250 and 200 scones for this morning. I really can’t say thank-you enough.” 

Hundreds of attendees of all ages came down to the Exies Bagtown Motel to enjoy the morning. All proceeds from the day are donated to cancer research and education. Last year the group managed to raise around $10,500 for cancer research, support and prevention. 

“We’re here to raise money for cancer. It’s a disease that effects a lot of people. Everyone knows someone who has fought it – and some have fought it themselves,” she said.

“Each year they’re coming out with better outcomes and more effective treatment.”