Kay Catanzariti’s ‘Will It Your Way’ opens eyes to the importance of Wills

Not many people consider writing a Will, especially when at a young age.

Kay Catanzariti, who has recently run workshops at Griffith City Library on the importance of having a Will, wants the people of Griffith, young and old, to get on board and write a Will – now.

Ms Catanzariti established the Will It Your Way charity after the sudden death of her son Ben, who was killed at the age of 21 in a workplace accident.

“It’s all about educating and awareness and leading the next generation towards being responsible for and taking control of their adult life,” Ms Catanzariti said.

“When tragedy hits a family, like it did mine, the lack of a legally binding Will/Estate Plan for the young person can cause unnecessary grief in a time of emotional turmoil.”


Now, she is calling on for the support from teachers, ministers, and parents to get behind the charity and spread the message that everyone needs a Will.

Ms Catanzariti notes that the reason so many people put off writing up a Will is because they feel there is no reason to.

“If you work, have a superannuation, have a car,” for instance, you need a Will, Ms Catanzariti said.

She has been surprised by the number of people who come to her with their misfortunes, and boils it down to one thing: money.

“What I say to young people is, if you care about your parents, why don’t you make them proud of you and make a Will.”

What I say to young people: If you care about your parents, why don’t you make them proud of you and make a Will.

Kay Catanzariti

Wills can range from $100 to $300 and over.

To the teachers and Education Ministers, Ms Catanzariti has this message:

“Give us an opportunity to show you our complete teaching unit of the four things that you need to do by Australian law once you become an adult, which are: enrol to vote; apply for a Tax File Number; consider organ and tissue donation; and make a legally-binding Will.

“If I can help one person, I’ve done my job.”

Visit www.willityourway.com for more information.