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Designing the dream: A romantic getaway planner

Planning your dream romantic getaway is more than just picking a place and booking. Picture Shutterstock
Planning your dream romantic getaway is more than just picking a place and booking. Picture Shutterstock

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A romantic getaway is a chance to rediscover each other, to laugh together, to be present. No matter the reason behind your vacation-be it to rekindle the spark, simply recharge, or create new memories, the effect of a getaway can be profound. Interestingly, a 2022 study highlighted this impact, showing that 42% of Americans fell back in love with their partners after vacationing together.

It's a testament to the power of travel, a sentiment that's just as relevant for couples in Australia as it is anywhere else. But the success of a good romantic getaway lies in the planning. This guide will show you how to nail that perfect romantic retreat.

Picking your spot: where the magic happens

Where you go should come first in your planner. It's not just a place where people go for retreats. It should scream 'you two.' Long beach strolls? City exploring? Exotic locations? Your pick sets the stage. Choose somewhere you can enjoy each other's company. Great memories come from being together in the right place. Pick a spot that suits both of you and enjoy your time there.

Once you've got a few places in mind, think about the little things that make a trip special. The activities available, a local restaurant with a romantic atmosphere, or even a quiet spot for watching the stars. It's these details that turn a good trip into an unforgettable one.

Don't stress too much about making every moment perfect; sometimes the best memories are the unplanned ones. Just focus on being present and enjoying each other's company in a place that feels right for you both.

Your stay: more than just a room

Your choice of accommodation is key, as they can make or break the vibe. After fancy frills or something more low-key? Boutique hotels, private villas, exotic locations. Remember, a place with the right mood is crucial. This might include rooms with best views, cosy fireplaces, or maybe your own hot tub.

Find the accommodation that'll get those romantic vibes going. Look for facilities that offer something a bit special like a massage right in your room, dinners just for two, or plans that are all about what you love. It's these little luxuries that'll amp up your stay. If you're looking for options that offer both romance and relaxation, check out couple retreats by Alpine Valley Getaways, known for providing comfortable accommodation perfect for romantic getaways.

Making magic moments

Find activities that get both of you buzzing. It could be tasting top-notch wines, hitting picturesque trails, or even your own boat adventure. Surprises? Always a winner. Plan something your partner won't see coming: a spur-of-the-moment outing, a thoughtful pressie, or dinner somewhere totally unexpected. It's these 'wow' moments that keep the spark alive.

Balance your itinerary with relaxation time to maximise downtime. Allow for moments of leisure where you can simply enjoy each other's company without a schedule-maybe lounging by the pool, breakfast in bed, or watching the sunset. It's not about packing your days but making those days count.

Smart budgeting

Getting your budget right is crucial for a stress-less trip. Work out what you'll need for travel, where you'll stay, food, fun stuff, and those just-in-case expenses. It's about making smart choices without stretching the wallet too thin.

Look for bang-for-your-buck experiences. This doesn't mean skimping on the good stuff but finding the best your money can buy. Booking early, nabbing package deals, or travelling in the off-season can save you a bundle.

Set aside a bit for those 'go on, treat yourselves' moments. Whether it's a fancy spa session, a swish meal, or something out of the ordinary, these are what make your trip epic.

Foodie adventures

What's a getaway without killer food? Do a bit of homework to find spots with a romantic vibe and a menu that'll make your mouth water. A dinner by candlelight at a quaint local spot or a wine country tour can be the highlight of your trip.

Fancy a bit more intimacy? Check out places that offer private dining. Imagine just the two of you, dinner under the stars, or a picnic in a secret spot - it's experiences like this that you'll remember. Ever thought of cooking together? Taking a class or making a meal as a team can be heaps of fun, especially if you're playing around with new flavours.

Comfort and safety first

Pack smart. Check the weather and what you've got planned to make sure you're not caught out. Comfy shoes, the right clothes, and any gear you need are a must. Keep on top of health and safety, especially if you're heading overseas. That means vaccinations, travel insurance, and knowing what's what with local medical services.

Being sorted means you can kick back and enjoy yourself without worry. Get clued up on local customs and culture. It's all about respect and can lead to more genuine, memorable experiences. A bit of research goes a long way in understanding the dos and don'ts.


Planning your dream romantic getaway is more than just picking a place and booking. It's a journey of discovering new things, connecting deeper, and making memories that'll last. From chill retreats to the hustle and bustle of a foreign city, each choice you make weaves together your unique tale as a couple.

Remember, it's those shared experiences, the laughs, the joy, and even those little unplanned detours that really capture the heart of a romantic escape. So, as you're plotting your next adventure, hold onto that buzz of discovering new places, the warmth of being together, and the thrill of adding new chapters to your love story.