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New wheat offers unique combination of APH quality and elite yield

Lucrative option: Australian Grain Technologies wheat breeder Russell Eastwood (left) and Marketing Manager for southern NSW James Whiteley inspecting a production crop of Boree wheat.

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A new wheat variety released for 2022 sowing offers southern New South Wales growers the opportunity to produce elite yields of high-value APH quality grain.

The variety, named Boree, has been developed by Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) at its Wagga Wagga plant breeding facility.

AGT wheat breeder Russell Eastwood says the combination of high yields and ability to achieve the highest quality grade sets Boree up as a lucrative option for southern NSW growers.

"Traditionally, main season APH varieties in this region have come with a yield penalty compared to AH or APW varieties," he said.

"Boree breaks this mould by achieving yields that equal or better the leading main season AH varieties, but with an APH quality classification."

The official analysis of 52 National Variety Trials across southern NSW (2016-2020) showed that Boree out-performed current market leaders Beckom and Scepter in both south east and south west environments.

In head-to-head AGT yield trials, Boree out-yielded several successful APH quality varieties including Sunmaster, LRPB Mustang, LRPB Hellfire and Vixen, as well as leading AH quality varieties Scepter and Beckom.

Based on a mean yield of 5.4 tonnes per hectare, Boree demonstrated a yield advantage of at least 2 per cent over the comparators.

The new variety has a mid-maturity very similar to Beckom, making it ideal for the main season planting window. It also has wide adaptation and is suitable for the range of soil pH and soil types found across southern NSW.

Boree is suited to wheat-on-wheat rotations with good resistance to yellow leaf spot, stem rust and stripe rust, as well as useful resistance to crown rot. It also has good lodging resistance, with a medium plant height.

AGT Marketing Manager for Southern NSW James Whiteley says Boree's stronger yellow leaf spot resistance over varieties like Beckom makes it an ideal option for high cereal rotations in the region.

"The combination of disease resistance, elite yield and high grain quality sets a new standard," he said.

"Boree should be regarded as the go-to main season wheat option for growers looking to increase the profitability of their wheat rotations."

Boree is available through AGT Affiliates and local retailers for 2022 sowing.

Australian Grain Technologies is Australia's largest plant breeding company, and the market leader in wheat genetics. Click here for details about Boree or call Marketing Manager James Whiteley on 0419 840 589. Head to the AGT website for more information about its wheat breeding program.

This is branded content for Australian Grain Technologies.