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Five reasons why you should convert to plantation shutters for your windows

Five reasons why you should convert to plantation shutters for your windows

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Plantation shutters might not be the first thought that comes to mind while you're shopping for new home decorations.

Blinds and curtains tend to be common choices, but plantation shutters present distinct benefits both practical and aesthetic.

Here are five reasons why you should convert your blinds and curtains into plantation shutters:

Easy to maintain

Blinds provide privacy and aesthetic appeal to homes, but these window furnishings tend to be tough to maintain.

Homeowners need to remove the blinds from their posts before starting the clean-up and maintenance processes.

On the other hand, plantation shutters tend to have hard-wearing constructions, making these furnishings easier to maintain than cloth blinds.

With aluminum, PVC, and wood as some of your choices, plantation shutters have constructions that don't crack or peel from the elements, at least not soon.

It's also relatively easy to clean plantation shutters, as all you need to do is to wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth. Regular maintenance may only require light dusting for these window furnishings.

You can find an array of low-maintenance plantation shutters at DIY Blinds.

Straightforward installation process

You don't need to be an expert at do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts to install window furnishings, like plantation shutters.

If you plan on doing the installation by yourself, start the procedure by acquiring the right tools. Procure a level, pencil, and a drill with an appropriately-sized drill bit.

Once you have these items, here's a quick step-by-step installation guide for your standard plantation shutter kit:

  • Measure the height and width of the window
  • Use filter strips to help you decide on the layout
  • Measure the shutters on the kit
  • Attach the filter strips by following the instructions provided
  • Mount the shutters by aligning the screws into pre-drilled holes
  • Take a few steps back to check the alignment
  • Adjust the installation if necessary
  • Mark the placements for the fixtures with a pencil
  • Drill holes on the marks
  • Attach the fixtures and test

The entire process shouldn't take more than an hour to accomplish. If you need an extra pair of hands to help you with the installation, you can always ask the help of other household members. Otherwise, you can let professional home remodelers or window installers do the installation for you.

Five reasons why you should convert to plantation shutters for your windows

Provide better security

Blinds and curtains can provide excellent privacy, but plantation shutters may present small advantages when it comes to home security.

This is because thieves who choose to intrude your home can easily push blinds and curtains away. Conversely, plantation shutters are more durable options that can deter entry of people with malicious intent.

Think of plantation shutters as an extra protection for your windows. Burglars would need to break through the windows and the shutters before gaining access to your home.

This two-tier security system can be time and effort-consuming, forcing robbers to rethink their decisions and eventually give up on their attempts to steal your valuables.

Natural light control

Windows serve as energy-savers for homes as household members can let in natural light without using electricity for indoor lighting fixtures. But, sometimes, you don't need a significant amount of light entering rooms.

For example, you want to recreate a cinematic feel when watching your favorite movies in your living space. But, sunlight is beaming into the area, and it might be challenging for standard window furnishings to block a significant amount of outdoor light.

Plantation shutters allow you to reduce the amount of light entering rooms, helping you recreate that cinema effect.

Furthermore, you can still use blinds and curtains over plantation shutters if you want to block out additional sunlight from entering the space.

As a bonus to blocking natural light, these shutters can also control indoor temperature. You can turn on the air conditioning unit in the area without the worry of cold air escaping the premises.

Increase you property's value

Convert your conventional window furnishings into plantation shutters to help increase the property's curb appeal. Plantation shutters can help improve the price of the property, thanks to the many benefits they bring.

The new homeowners will enjoy the ease of maintenance, enhanced security, and an eye-catching aesthetic brought by these shutters.

Moreover, plantation shutter kits are relatively expensive, but the return on investment (ROI) that you get from installing them will allow you to enjoy higher prices for your property.


Plantation shutters offer improved security, natural light control, and cleaning and maintenance ease compared to conventional blinds and curtains. Think about these reasons, and don't forget to talk to a reliable window shutter today for your DIY kit.

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