Griffith Feral Joggers bring many nations together

The Joggers on Scenic Hill on Saturday challenged Eurovision for multiculture with Italy - Italy - Russia 1-2-3 in the Long, and the Dutch claiming first in the Short, while an unfortunate Spain faded badly like an Aussie in the final, finishing lower than expected at 18th, probably pining for the sierra.

John Farronato took last week's shellacking to heart and added some punch to his performance - tightened his shoe laces, pulled up his sox, pulled his belt in another notch, focused, and blitzed the run for first place and his best time over this course.

John Farronato blitzed the run for first place and his best time over this course.

John Farronato blitzed the run for first place and his best time over this course.

However, the audience reckoned he can do better – he professed to be hurting, but he still looked fresh. Gianni Chiappin wasn't bothered by last week's disqualification as he danced to second place with another personal best, dropping a minute each week with no end in sight.

And at third, Anna the wiz kid from Vladivostok is also knocking a minute off each week. It's the cool weather that does it.  After slogging through a long hot summer, this is the time of year for the payoff as times plummet.

Derek Goullet at fourth hasn't sung this well for years, Stewart Wood is back on stage with an impressive fifth, Michael Colaciuri is 'steady-as-she-goes' at sixth with eyes on the bigger prize at the end of the competition, Di Keenan at seventh desperately needed a top ten to get her face on-screen again, it is possible that Vince Restagno is on a comeback with ninth but more likely just a pretender, and Aidan Fattore at tenth was fastest and just five seconds off his competition best of last week.

Fiona Fattore was midfield and fastest, while Tom Mackerras may have developed stage fright by having to start higher up the order, finishing way back and slower. While near last in fiftieth, Ron Anson put in an excellent walk time of 53:10 for the 6.1km, which is 8:41 minutes per km, and not many can maintain that pace on the Hill. Ava Low started third to last in the Short and passed everyone to get first and fastest on the day and for the competition.

Someone must have put a bomb under Connor Moore who was five minutes faster to vault from 35th to second - that's a jump from beginner to pro. James Dal Broi, last to start, overtook all but the top two, and was fastest on the day and second fastest for the competition.

Ryan Irvin maintained last week's good form for fourth, and last to cross the line was Grace Careri thanks to a navigational inexactitude which took her onto the long course where she was a surprise find for her mum.

Note, of course, joggers get the time for the course they enter at the start line, not for the one they may have switched to half way round.

Both pointscores are wide open ... anyone of a dozen can win from here ... we await the final scores from the judge.

The Joggers run each Saturday at 4:30pm from the water tower opposite Pioneer Park Museum, be early to register, new runners can join on the Hill on any Saturday.