Next generation learn the importance of fire safety

The next generation were taught an important lesson in the importance of fire safety earlier this week. 

Yenda preschool took part in a special presentation from Yenda Fire and Rescue’s Adam Harman. 

“It’s important we raise fire awareness for young kids,” he said. 

“I spoke about the difference between a good fire and a bad fire in that there’s a need for supervision and that people shouldn’t get too close.” 

Students also learned the importance of Stop, Drop and Roll and who to call in the event of a fire. 

Mr Harman took the time to put all of the safety gear on so kids might know who to look out for. 

“We want to show them what we look like in a fire situation so they’re not scared. We might sound a bit funny or look a bit scary – we want to show them not to run away,” he said. 

“It’s never too young to start teaching them that sort of thing.” 

Firefighters are also encouraging people to come along to the Yenda Fire Station for their annual open day on Saturday, May 19. 

Yenda Fire Station will be open from 10.00am to 2.00pm and families can go along and meet their local firefighters and learn more about home fire safety and fire prevention