The Great Moscow Circus arrives in Griffith for a new standout show – Extreme

Circuses are a different scene these days and have moved away from the more traditional, or stereotypical, picture we often imagine.

Stephen King-esque clowns, chained up elephants, and whip-tamed lions will not make an appearance at The Great Moscow Circus, which has made its way back to Australia with a new show – Extreme.

Extreme indeed, for a number of acts have been lined up to titillate the senses, steal your breath away, and leave you wanting more.

From high wire acts to Flair Riders, and dare devil motorcycle cage riders to aerial performers, The Great Moscow Circus is one not to miss.

The Area News spoke with some of the star performers of the show, including Flair Rider Brad Jenner, and Cruz Weber – age four – who has been riding since he was two years old, and began riding in the show since he was three.

“I love The Moscow – there are so many different acts,” Mr Jenner said.

“I still love watching the show behind the seating.”

When asked what his favourite part of the show was, Mr Jenner laughed:

“The Flair Riders, of course.”

Mr Jenner told The Area News that the globe of death, a large steel ball wherein dare devil motorcyclists perform stunts, is one of the more popular attractions of the show.

And, after Cruz overcame a bit of shyness, he told The Area News:

“I like to ride my bike.”

He said he also likes to stand up and take his foot off the bike while riding.

Aerial stunts, dare devils, Flair Riders – but, of course, what would a circus be without a clown?

Mr Jenner said that no one is safe at the circus – “Wilason the clown grabs people out of the crowd.”

Wilason Muh began a life in the circus at 13 years and started “clowning around” four years ago after he was inspired by a performance in Germany.

Mr Muh explained that the image of the clown has changed over the years due to the fear and trauma elicited by Stephen King’s It.

“So many times mums come before the show to ask what the clowns look like,” Mr Muh said.

And, the circus has received positive feedback for their own rendition of a clown.

The Great Moscow Circus’s Extreme show will run from Wednesday May 16 to Friday May 18 with performances at 7pm; Saturday May 19 with performances at 11am, 3pm, and 7pm, and a final show on Sunday May 20 at 11am.

Bookings are recommended. Visit for more information.