The Murrumbidgee Diabetes Association's support and networking event

When children are suffering from Diabetes it can feel like you are alone, fighting an up-hill battle.

However a special function held on Sunday at griffith’s FunLAnd aimed to bring both children and parents together in an effort to share experiences and swap stories on personal management of Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes.

Held by The Murrumbidgee Diabetes Association (MDA), the event brought people from across the MIA together in a friendly, relaxing environment, to provide support and awareness.

Member of the MDA David Mecham said the turn out was small but comfortable, perfect for the first of many events of it’s kind.

“Our aim was to create friendships and networks so they don’t feel alone,” Mr Mecham said.

“All involved found the day to be beneficial and supportive as little is known about Type 1 Diabetes unless you unfortunately become confronted with the disease.”

He said parents are not aware of other children and parents in the same situation unless they activle seek them out.


Type 1 Diabetes is a full time managed condition which is especially hard for younger children who can’t self manage injections and blood glucose levels, or know how to eat correctly.

T1D is an autoimmune disease, meaning the the body destroys cells responsible for producing insulin, this is through no fault or action of the child and currently can not be prevented or cured.

The symptoms may include increased frequency of urination, thirst, fatigue, weight loss and mood change.

“If any of these present see your doctor or hospital immediately,” Mr Mecham said.

The Murrumbidgee Diabetes Association is a not for profit charity that raises money solely to provide community support and awareness of Diabetes.

“We are a small team of dedicated volunteers and if you are able to assist or need help please call 0419980804,” he said.

The Association are currently planning another information session for March which will focus on all Diabetics.