Area News letters to the editor: February 2, 2018.

The Griffith community and surrounding areas deserves the best health care – something the NSW Government is delivering.

When concerns were first raised regarding the future of the sterilisation unit at Griffith Base Hospital, I committed to review the decision.

FEEDBACK: NSW Minister for Health Brad Hazzard confirms sterilisation at GBH will go after committing to reviewing the decision.

FEEDBACK: NSW Minister for Health Brad Hazzard confirms sterilisation at GBH will go after committing to reviewing the decision.

From NSW Health’s point of view, there is little cost difference between it investing in and operating a new sterilisation unit at Griffith Base Hospital over the next decade, versus the option to purchase services from St Vincent’s.

But what the Griffith community needs to know, is that if NSW Health were to keep its sterilisation services in–house, it places the valued St Vincent’s Private Community Hospital, Griffith in a very precarious financial position.

I have been advised that the viability of St Vincent’s – a hospital supported by the Griffith community and council with significant funds to get it off the ground - would be under serious threat if this contract doesn’t go ahead.

When St Vincent’s opened in September 2016, Chairwoman of the Griffith health facilities fundraising committee Anne Napoli said the final product had exceeded all expectations.

“I am speechless. This is all about people power, the people asked for this and they are the ones who made it happen.” (Area News, 22 September 2016)

St Vincent’s gives the Griffith community more options for health care. Griffith Base Hospital can share services with St Vincent’s – this partnership occurs in dozens of areas across the State in both regional and metropolitan areas.

Currently five staff work at the Griffith Base Hospital sterilisation unit.

If services were to move to St Vincent’s, arrangements are in place for staff to be redeployed or opt for redundancy packages if they so choose.

As I have previously said, this is a Sophie’s choice. While the proposed contract is still being reviewed by the Ministry of Health, you need to ask yourself – if you were the Minister, what would you do?

Keep the sterilisation unit at Griffith Base Hospital and risk losing St Vincent’s in Griffith, or share services and keep St Vincent’s as part of a vibrant health precinct.

Brad Hazzard, NSW Minister for Health.

Forget changing the Australia Day date

Once again the mean (Green) machine have proved that they can run themselves over with a bus without even leaving the drivers' seat. Their leader (green as they come) wants the Australia Day date changed from January 26 yet aboriginal leaders want it to remain as it is.

In the Daily Telegraph (January 16, 2018) they gave a valid reason as to why, which resonates with the majority of the Australian people who function on commonsense values and reality. Like the Aboriginal leaders they believe in leaving well enough alone and learning from past mistakes and assuring they never (ever) happen again.

Warren Mundine mentioned in the Daily Telegraph January 16, 2018 and I quote his words, "that he was sick and tired of the Greens" (end quote). Aren't most of us for we find their stealth agenda designed and based on pure mischief making (just for the sake of it). It’s not a question of who came first but rather what we together do for this nation while we are here that truly counts for something. 

No wonder the electorate view them with so much contempt. Mark Latham Daily Telegraph, same day on page 19 sums them up beautifully and (I quote what he wrote) as follows. "Ultimately the activists opposed to our great national day don’t like the idea of nations at all.

The Greens want a border-less world, with free movement of people, a world of fluid identities and allegiances. International tree hugging, windmill blowing, people smuggling, sex changing, LGBTIQWTF Day is more their thing (end quote). Never were truer words spoken.

Now were we able to have someone of the status and calibre of Warren Mundine governing our nation on commonsense values we might actually make genuine progress in the right direction. Add to this Mark Latham's insight to reinforce Warren's leadership we could have the unity they advocate.

Having them share this celebration together gives them a sense of belonging and builds trust forever as part of their new found Aussie identity that embraces our past and present moving forward to new horizons together for the collective good of the whole. It’s not a question of who came first or what is owned by whom but rather what we together do for this nation while we are here that truly counts for something. As John Howard often said "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Yvonne Rance, Griffith.