Last Man Stands: push for radical new world Twenty20 comp in Griffith

Imagine an MIA amateur cricket team travelling to play a world championship match in India, Barbados, England or South Africa. 

That’s the vision of Brett Green, who wants to bring a revolutionary new world cricket competition to the Griffith. 

Last Man Stands, founded in London in 2005, is the widest reaching amateur cricket league in the world.

Essentially, it takes the Twenty20 format – a new form of fast and exciting cricket – and makes it even faster and more exciting. 

“There’s eight players in a team, and the last man remains batting when all the others are out… there’s also double plays, where you can get two players out (caught and run out) off the one ball”.  

There are a host of other rules to ensure games move fast and finish within two hours. 

“I’ve been playing in the Northern Rivers competition, but now I’m moved back to Griffith I’d like to see a comp here”. 

Mr Green said there’s currently a comp in Wagga, but is eager to get an MIA Riverina division going. 

He said once a comp gets going, there’s potential for “dream teams” to be selected, who can then go on to play against other teams around the world. 

“There was a team from the small town of Casino, near Lismore, that is going to play in Phuket in Thailand”. 

Once a competition gets underway, matches are scored by the umpire live on their phone, which goes straight to the online Last Man Stands website. 

If you’re interested in being part of an MIA Last Man Stands comp, contact Mr Green on 0439109541. For more information, check out the Last Man Stands website and Facebook page