Area News letters to the editor 22/12/17

What happened to the holy Christmas carols we used to hear in the shopping malls prior to the build up to the real meaning of Christmas?

CAROLS: Merecedes Loseli (4) and Sia Loseli (1) enjoying traditional Christmas carols at the spectacular event recently held in Griffith.

CAROLS: Merecedes Loseli (4) and Sia Loseli (1) enjoying traditional Christmas carols at the spectacular event recently held in Griffith.

Have we become under the politically correct atheist rule of thumb so Godless a nation that we no longer recognise Advent.

When we consider that our world is on the brink of nuclear war one would of thought His message was more important than ever.

But! no the message today is lost on the worldwide lowering of His standards and the reinforcing of destruction in general.

This Christmas has become just another excuse to downgrade everything good and replace it with the worlds' desire to get rid of Christianity and replace it with those things that are not of good report in His eyes.

The world's people need a rude awakening for when we ignore Him we do so at our own eventual peril.

The leader in Korea with his nuclear missiles may well be our Waterloo, self inflicted for denying God.

And another thing …

The colourful regime red/white and green.

Great wit from The Daily Telegraph editor December 12, 2017 large print on the front page.

He headlined it Australia's Modern family, the word family in red.

Now I wonder how many readers would have twigged to the message in the word in red.

This modern family are dressed in white wedding attire which with traditional and Christian weddings is supposed to represent purity.

Very clever satire giving the last laugh to the no voters.

Shorten and Turnbull were portrayed as adorable darlings, the givers of the long awaited expectation, the saviours of the long suffering considered underdogs and unloved of our society desperate for equality and love as Turnbull expressed.

The Daily Telegraph editor captured this smugness on their countenance especially Turnbull's.

The rest of the gang in the picture reflect the usual rhetoric the electorate have come to expect (short on honesty but majoring in deceitfulness) the in thing in parliament in general these days.

Take e.g. dual citizenship not supposed to be there yet voting on gay marriage in parliament.

How's this for double standards, wisdom of conceit.

If only Bill Leek were alive he would have been in his element on seeing such underhandedness (gained as it was) for his interpretation of it would have even outclassed this lampoon, for Bill always told it how it really was and still is wickedness begetting wickedness in high places.

The electorate who said no knew all along that the plebiscite fiasco was just a vote catcher for the next federal election.

It's going to be great to see both these leaders punished next time around and to see their red faces when the people say no you aren't worthy of our trust.

Yvonne Rance, Griffith.


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