Hefty fines and jail time could apply if you disregard the rules this Bush Fire Danger Period

After being called to a number of fires putting the community at risk, the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has strongly urged residents in the MIA to follow the rules and regulations for fire permits.

There is a legal requirement to obtain a fire permit during the statutory Bush Fire Danger Period (BFDP) which started on the 1st of October 2017.

People from the following MIA areas must obtain a permit:​

  • Griffith
  • Hay
  • Leeton
  • Murrumbidgee
  • Narrandera
  • Carrathool

Superintendent for the MIA District Kevin Adams said he cannot stress enough the importance of the community taking permits seriously.

“Since the start of the Bushfire Danger Period we have had a number of crews respond to fires that people have lit without permits,” said Superintendent Kevin Adams, MIA District Manager.

He says a number of these illegal fires have put members of the community at risk, as a result of the fires spreading to surrounding areas and properties.

RFS crews were called to a grass fire in Canal Street earlier in the year. PHOTO: Jacob Chapple.

RFS crews were called to a grass fire in Canal Street earlier in the year. PHOTO: Jacob Chapple.

Legal processes will be followed for people who burn without a permit, or who do not strictly adhere to the conditions, and can face fines of up to $1100 or up to 12 months imprisonment.

“We have all seen the devastation that bush fires can bring to a community, so I strongly urge people to contact us at the Fire Control Centre and discuss their specific requirements,” said Superintendent Adams.

“Permits don’t cost anything, they are a way of keeping track of who is burning what, when and where.” 

“Our Volunteers don’t appreciate being called out to extinguish fires that have been carelessly lit due to some residents having no regard for the law or just being plain lazy.”


The RFS are working closely with Council and Police to follow processes for people doing the wrong thing, and say repeat offenders will be dealt with accordingly.

Residents wanting to burn should contact their local Permit Officer or the MIA District Fire Control Centre, or contact the MIA District on 02 6966 7800 for more information on permit requirements.