A Dark Ride into adventure | Photos

GET ready to experience the next level of arcade gaming with the XD Dark Ride.

An immersive, interactive, 3D shoot-em-up experience, XD Dark Ride is a major drawcard for Family Funland and will keep people coming back for more.

XD Dark Ride is a multi-sensory interactive attraction, with a curved screen and real-time 3D stereoscopic graphics with special effects.

On top of that the seats buck and roll with the on-screen action, and there are high-powered fans and an enclosed and completely darkened playing area that make players feel they are truly part of the action.

The Family Funland XD Dark Ride is one of only two in the country and about 150 world-wide.

It has been set up as an eight-player ride and is as good as anything you will experience at any theme park.

There are five game themes available to play.

Players can choose from Los Bandidos – a robot western; Forbidden Mine – which features carts racing though a mine; Zombies! – playing a police officer trying to save people from a zombie apocalypse; Werewolves – early 20th century London is under attack by a nefarious green fog that turns residents into werewolves; and Gigamon – where you have to save a city under attack from a giant monster.

Each scenario requires players to enter the game world, first testing their shooting skills and then taking on the bad guys before facing off against a “big bad” at the conclusion.

The 3D effects and motion seats are used to excellent affect, with action taking place in cars, wagons and a train, and eerily creating the sense of falling off buildings, bridges and over waterfalls.

The game will also take a photo of players “in action” for later purchase.

Two external screens allow people outside the ride to see the players and their reactions, meaning it's almost as much fun watching as it is to play.

As well as facing off against the bad guys, players are competing against others in the game, with scores ranked after each game.

The player with the highest score each week on each theme of XD Dark Ride can win $200 worth of vouchers to use at Griffith’s home of entertainment. The highest scores are ranked on a screen and players have until 9pm on Saturdays to claim their prize.