Area News letters to the editor: October 25, 2017.

I have just heard that "the powers that be" were supposed to shoot some semi-tame goats that frequent a particular rock very close to the Hermits Cave lookout today. (23rd October 2017).

I'm aghast that this may have happened today.

I drive along Scenic Hill every day on the way to work and always have looked forward to see them sunning themselves on one particular rock.

They have been a tourist attraction, with many people coming to look at them.

They have never run away from people coming to the lookout as the wild goats do out in the Binya Hills.

If these animals have been shot, those responsible should get the sack!

Mrs Chris Leaver, Griffith.

PESTS: Sonia Bulzomi weighs into the Scenic Hill goat culling, saying few goats eight years ago has swelled to over 30 goats destroying the bushland. PHOTO: Sonia Bulzomi

PESTS: Sonia Bulzomi weighs into the Scenic Hill goat culling, saying few goats eight years ago has swelled to over 30 goats destroying the bushland. PHOTO: Sonia Bulzomi

Web words: Resident wants to protect Scenic Hill goats

Sonia Bulzomi: Behind Ortella St (pictured), there were a few goats eight years ago. There are now over 30 goats and they have destroyed the bushland. They may look nice but the damage is obvious as I am up there daily.

Melinda Roberts: Feral, introduced species, environmental destructors, competition for native animals, kill them or eat them. While you’re at it have a go at the rabbits hares foxes sparrows pigeons mynas and starlings  or put them in the backyards of those who want to “save” them.

Heather Abernethy: Spot on .…

Lisa Ryan: The greatest threat to native animals is habitat loss.

Melinda Roberts: Lisa Ryan um I’m sure goats eating the habitat is loss! You can google what goats eat, they are also hard hooved and there is plenty of research that shows what hard hooves does in Australian soil. Goats don’t belong in Australia. They don’t belong on scenic hill, if goats were on scenic hill when the hermit was there he would have eaten them.

Scott Williams: Can I kill you, your family and all the other white people in this country? I mean because you are an introduced species/parasite.

Congrats offered for published ‘Griffith Wars’

Congratulations to Tom Gilling and Terry Jones on their recently published book The Griffith Wars.

Such is an ever present reminder of the truth of the matter and as to even more possible knowledge out there still to be revealed eg where Donald Mackay is resting.

It is to be hoped someone who knows will be brave enough (before they themselves are long gone) to tell what they know.

His family need to have this question answered as do also those in our community who knew and respected him and his courage to speak out on the drug issue.

Well done Tom and Terry, I bought your book and read it in a couple of days.

I recommend it to anyone who believes we still have some (more) filtering out and cleansing" in our domain up here, let it be known.

Yvonne Rance, Griffith.

Big Griffith Council thanks from Prostate support group

On behalf of our support group we would like to send a big thank you to the Griffith City Council for the community funds made paid to a number groups.

The financial help we receive goes in obtaining excellent guest speaker, obtaining a large amount of booklets and display material.

These guest speak to about different subjects of bowel and bladder and of course prostate cancer.

With out the donations from the Griffith City Council and other service clubs out group would not be about to form and service our committee.

In summary we hear a lot of negative talks about the Council but all we can do a big thank you from management,office staff an outside staff.

Barry Maples, Griffith  Prostate Cancer Support Group. 

Digging Diwali

Re: ‘Diwali celebrations receive record crowd’ (Area News, Monday October 23).

Diwali was certainly celebrated in a nice manner in the West End Stadium on Saturday.

I congratulate Satish Patel for organising this great event.

Diwali (Festival of Lights) is the most important Indian Festival celebrated all over India from Himalayas to the Indian Ocean.

This festival is celebrated in the memory of the victory of Hindu god Lord Rama (good) over Ravna (evil) king of Sri Lanka.

British historian VA Smith writes, "the victory of Rama over Ravana marks the Aryans’ onward march towards South India” (see Oxford History of India by VA Smith).

But Diwali is also celebrated to worship goddess Lakshmi-the goddess of wealth.

The Sikhs celebrate Diwali as Bandi Shod Diwas (day of release) to mark the release of Guru (religious teacher) Hargobind from imprisonment.

The Guru was imprisoned for 12 years by the then Mughal (Muslim) Emperor of India Jahangir.

The most spectacular Diwali is celebrated in the Golden Temple Amritsar the most important religious place of the Sikhs.

The Griffith Sikhs also celebrated Diwali in Griffith Sikh Temple on Thursday, October 19 by Kirtan (singing of holy hymns) and fire works.

Amar Jit Singh, Griffith.


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