New study to improve people's accessibility and knowledge of emergency services.

MIA residents are being urged to participate in research about emergency services.

​Phone surveys for the Australian Communications and Media Association are currently gathering information about what people know about emergency calling.

Questions include:

  • Can you call ES from a pay phone without using money?
  • Can you call ES without phone service or reception?
  • What numbers do you call for certain emergencies?
  • What would you call 000 for?

Inspector Wayne Mclachlan said “unfortunately it’s quite common” for people to call 000 in an event that does not require emergency services.

“We encourage people to only call 000 if it is a life threatening situation.”

Ben Hawkins from Galaxy Research says the survey is important to understand how people respond to emergency situations and to tackle areas where people lack knowledge.

"This information will go towards a new campaign to improve access to emergency services, and to see what is necessary for people to know that they may not be aware of.”

Calling from his office in Brisbane, Mr Hawkins said of all the calls he makes, only around 30 per cent of recipients were happy to take the survey.

“I would encourage anyone who has the time to take this survey, because at the end of the day the results may end up helping you or someone in times of emergency or crisis situations.”

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