OPINION: Matter of time for Griffith City Council live streaming

There is a slow natural progression towards council’s offering ordinary meetings live streaming, beaming the work of local government into homes all over the world.

Councils consider numerous benefits to live streaming, including exposing the operations of local government to better inspire more to get involved - whether lobbying or actually taking part.

Critics might argue keyboard warriors don’t need more encouragement flinging thorny comments in council’s direction, but the novelty or poking for the sake of poking will ultimately ware off as consumers warm to the new medium.

Whether Griffith’s council is sold on the idea or not, residents’ demands for live streaming will inevitably grow, as more councils adopt the practice, and technology develops.


Demand may mean council may have to end up being a little more imaginative sourcing a live streaming solution when it revisits the decision this time in 2018.

But while $13,000 a month may seem excessive, it could also be good bang for Council’s buck, depending on what sort of set up CEO Brett Stonestreet is after.

There is possibly an easy solution to all of this, and it can be found in almost everyone’s pocket.

The Griffith City Council Facebook page is specifically designed for such an occasion as streaming an ordinary general meeting.

Facebook’s winning global networking formula and massive number of users (now beyond three billion) makes it the undisputed champion platform for spreading a message, gaining notoriety and building a brand.

It’s become a situation seeing everyone of all ages and backgrounds joining the global flock – if you’re not on Facebook, you’re not in the loop. 

So it’s no surprise the social platform has expanded beyond connecting individuals to providing a global network for companies and organisations.

Facebook’s algorithms are constantly changing, but it’s current model actually gives news feed priority to live video. 

Facebook says consumers spend three-times as much of their browsing focussing on live video than anything else.

So there’s merit in council considering offering its meetings live through the Facebook application, especially if it wants to successfully promote the work it does in the chambers every fortnight.


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