Griffith City Library's lego stop-motion animation workshop teaches children film making techinques

Nine-year-old Laney Dickie is directing his first feature film. He’s cast his mother as the leading lady in his production Nicole v The Killer Hand. Nicole is out for her morning walk when a gigantic robotic hand grabs her, and puts her in a pot to stew her.  

A number of other children were making their directorial debut at Griffith City Library’s lego stop-motion animation workshop on Wednesday. 

Stop motion is a way of using technology to make the lego figures appear as if they moving on their own, frame by frame.

Super Library Mike Lee said “back when I was a kid, it would’ve cost tens of thousands of dollars to do something like this. But now, all you need is some lego, a smart phone or tablet and to download a free ap called stop motion studio”. 

All participants at the school holiday workshop get to make their own film.

Super Library Mike is working with Laney’s twin Claudia “the naughtier” and younger sister Ellah to make a somewhat more upbeat film Bella and Coco’s Motors.

My mum escapes in the end

Laney Dickie

Abbie Scroop was close to finishing The Pirate King, while Ashleigh Sinclair’s romantic comedy could one day be seen on the big screen protaganised by Hugh Grant. Jennifer Sinclair was there to guide cousin Benjamin through his attempt at a thriller.

Spoiler alert – Laney’s mum Nicole survives to live happily ever after and be cast in the sequel. 

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