Secondary information session, School merger 2017.

Griffith residents walked away from a school information session none the wiser with many of the concerns raised given non-definitive responses last week.

The meeting updating the Griffith secondary school future options was held last Friday at Exies, where three speakers including Acting Executive Director on the new secondary school model Geoff Pellizzer.

All speakers commended the decision for one school over two sites, with Department of Education representative Murat Dizdar outlining the processes behind the decision.

“After the consultation with the community, a lot of people had their say about what should happen, and the announcement a couple of weeks ago is actually picking out the best parts of those particular options,” he said.

The speakers also announced the members making up the Griffith Education Advisory Council, which include local director David Lamb, local state Member Adrian Piccoli and NSW teachers’ federation deputy president Gary Zadcovich.

While no definite plans have been made about the merger logistics, questions from the audience show there are still concerns over student and staff transport between schools, as well as funding for teacher training and collaboration.

A vague timeline was announced at the meeting, with logistics said to come towards the end of the year.

 “(We) cannot give a finite, specific, detailed answers on that, but we know at the moment a lot of our senior schools and classes are very small and we want to make sure we maximise that” Mr Politzer said.