Small-to-medium enterprises in Leeton have their say on business confidence

BUSINESS is booming for some, but others would like to see the pace picked up. 

A new report, the Westpac-Melbourne Institute SME Index, has been released stating confidence in the small-to-medium business enterprise sector has softened. 

The report revealed confidence among SMEs had fallen by 2.3 per cent since March, but in NSW it was higher than the national average, with only a decrease of 0.1 per cent. 

Two Friends co-owner Liz Walsh would like to see business pick up as the year continues. 

“We are doing well, but June is always a quiet month,” she said. 

“I guess because of winter and families heading out of town on weekends for sport. 

“I think with all of our agricultural sectors in Leeton (the main street) area should be buzzing all of the time, but it’s not.”

According to the index report, the Federal Budget, which has some incentives for SMEs this year has had little to no affect on confidence. 

“The muted response to the Federal Budget is somewhat disappointing, particularly given several measures specifically aimed at SMEs,” senior economist Matthew Hassan said. 

At the other end of the scale, George Weston from Weston and Weston couldn’t be more positive about the direction his business was headed in. 

The company has expanded to Albury and it continues to make a name for itself outside of Leeton. 

Mr Weston, also Leeton shire’s deputy mayor, believed business to be moving along well. 

“For us, yes we are travelling along very well,” he said. 

“I think a lot of businesses out there in our shire are becoming more innovative. 

“With what we do in the air-conditioning and refrigeration sector, we’re seeing people spending money, which is a good thing for our area. I know some of the retail businesses, especially in the main street, may say they are struggling, but hopefully that’s not the case. We need these businesses in our shire.”