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#GRIFFITH: @tj_acaibrothers Up against the best stopper in Australia @ginda_bagga #kabaddi #wrestling #griffith #raid
#GRIFFITH: @tj_acaibrothers Up against the best stopper in Australia @ginda_bagga #kabaddi #wrestling #griffith #raid

I did yoga

On Sunday, June 11 Ranjit Khera, the popular announcer from Sydney in the Sikh Games announced that I would do Yoga at midday.

At the correct time I came into the Kabadi field to perform the Yoga.

I started with the simple poses of arms twisting.

Ranjit announced to the spectators, "see how elastic his body is even at this age."

Then I said I would do the Suriya Pranam (Salute to the Sun God pose) and I turned my face towards the east Ranjit said, "the sun is in the west now."

So I turned my face towards the west and started salute to sun pose.

I do this pose early in the morning with my face towards the east but on some Sunday I climb up right at the mountain at theTed Scobie Oval and see the sun setting in the west at the mountain and salute the Sun God there  It is a difficult pose composed of many simple poses the Yoga experts say even if you do only this pose you will get all the benefits of many poses

Then while lying on the ground I picked  my  whole body up on my head In my youth I used to stand on my head for five minutes doing this pose called Sir  Asna ( King Pose ) but now I can do only this simple mini Sir Asna. Then I did many simple Yoga poses.

While sitting I did one of the most complicated poses while sitting Ranjit asked me the name of this pose. I replied Sidha Asna, a Yogi (a yoga-practitioner) far advanced in Yoga physically and spiritually is called Sidha.

At this Ranjit reminded me a historical event, he said the founder of the Sikh religion Guru Nanak had a free and frank discussion with the Sidhas (very advanced Yogis) at Kalash Parbat (Kalash mountains) near the Mansrover Lake in Tibet.

This conversation is incorporated in the Sikh scripture named Granth Sahib. At this I humbly replied, "I am only a humble Sikh of Guru Nanak”.

Amar Jit Singh, Griffith.

School scorching

Adrian Piccoli’s announcement that Griffith’s two public high schools will be combined into “a single school structure” represents a failure of the NSW Education Department, the NSW Government and the Minister for Education to sell the community of Griffith on their original “Big School” proposal. 

Unconvincing, unsubstantiated assertions and jargonistic, wishful, aspirational statements did not fool the people of Griffith. This is "face-saving" at its best!

The announced “single school structure” on two sites was never mentioned.  And yet here it is, a Great Big Compromise, and like all compromises it is far from optimal. 

The latest announcement is again full of assertions, not facts; and confusion, not certainty. 

For example, the document states, “There will be no loss of executive positions with the implementation of the two site school.”  Bad bean-counting! There will be a loss of one principal (executive) position.

The document also states, “staff will know every student and their family, have respectful relationships and greater flexibility in their work role.” This debate was supposed to be about student outcomes. 

Yet Adrian Piccoli’s announcement says, “the new school governance model will be enhanced by a $25 million capital upgrade across the two school sites.”  

"Capital upgrade” means buildings and grounds and stuff attached to them. Ongoing funds for improving student outcomes? Nothing. Where did the promised extra $20 million go?

DET Executive Director Wagga, Geoff Pellizer, stated senior students moving between periods between Griffith High and Wade High will do so without loss of learning time (because “it’s not far”) and because some magical timetabling will avoid this. 

Good luck! In 10 years time, no one will be around to take personal responsibility if the model fails, will they?

Kevin Farrell, Griffith.