Area News, letters to the editor, 14/06/17

Desecration of OUR cemetery

#GRIFFITH: @jimmymonroi - 'Shadow drinker' #crackacoldonewiththeboys

#GRIFFITH: @jimmymonroi - 'Shadow drinker' #crackacoldonewiththeboys

I would like to bring the attention to our local council. that Griffith cemetery is known as one of the most beautiful and well maintained in the state of NSW.

So why would you want to destroy that? 

It is a blatant disrespect and total lack of compassion for the deceased and their loved ones.

Surely some small statues, vases glued on the head stones are not an eye sore or an inconvenience to anyone.

Furthermore I am sure that the deceased do not have a problem with the above mentioned.

I strongly urge all Griffith residents to write a letter of disapproval to our beloved local council.

Natalie Quarisa, Griffith

Killer dog on the loose in Yenda

Firstly, I am concerned about the well being of my 13 year old neighbor who witnessed the entire horrific incident.

No doubt this will have an impact upon his young mind.

My question is this: If I get another cat – will it too be taken and killed by this very same dog?

Nobody’s cat is safe in Yenda because of this killer dog.

I cannot even bury my deceased cat in my garden because this vicious dog ran off with the cat in its mouth, and the cat is nowhere to be seen.

I am a dog lover as well as a cat lover – but this dog should not be allowed to freely roam the streets. The owner should be walking this particular dog on a lead, or at the very least put a muzzle on it’s mouth.

Maree Anthony, Yenda

Royal weekend

I will always remember the Queen’s Birthday weekend of 2017.

As a perennial independent candidate, my hope has been to have a minor party to work with leading to and during elections.

At a management meeting on Saturday the Australian Country Party agreed that if there are two more members in Griffith that they will visit to discuss forming the Griffith branch for Farrer.

On their behalf,  I invite  people to seek membership, become supporters or even to be interested in discussions when management visits Griffith.

It made my day when I received this in an email: ‘We discussed your policy idea last night and have agreed to develop a policy regarding a review of banking and a halt to derivatives trading.’

Brian Mills, Griffith.

Department diagnosis: positive

I would like to thank the nurses and doctor in the Emergency Department of Griffith Hospital for their excellent care and friendliness on Monday of the long weekend.

My husband and I were visiting from Taree, staying our relative’s farm in Coleambally where I became acutely ill early on Monday morning.  

We attended Griffith Emergency Department.

The treatment I received from the doctor and nurses was very caring and professional.

The Emergency Department was clearly very busy but the nurses and doctor continually came to see check that I was OK throughout my treatment.

The Griffith community should feel very lucky that in a rural area they have a health service with such dedicated and professional staff.  

We leave the area with a very positive experience at Griffith Hospital.

Jennifer Woolard, Taree.


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