Griffith man Brandon Kay cleared of deemed supply of ice and ecstasy

A GRIFFITH man has been acquitted of two drug supply charges on the direction of a District Court judge.

Brandon Kay, 21, stood trial in Wagga District Court on Tuesday after pleading not guilty to the deemed supply of 55.1 grams of the drug ice and seven ecstasy tablets.

Before Kay’s barrister, Michael King, began the defence case, Judge Phillip Mahony on Wednesday told the jury he found no prima facie case for Kay to answer.

Police found the drugs in plastic bags in a hard sunglasses case secreted in the back passenger shelf of a car Kay was driving along the Burley Griffin Way between Stockinbingal and Wallendbeen in 2012.

There were three other men in the car.

Police alleged Kay was responsible for the drugs after his DNA was found to be the major contributor of a mixture of DNA found on a cotton bud also in the sunglasses case.