Men's shed open day on this Sunday in Lake Wyangan

The  Godfather of Griffith’s Shed for Men is going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. 

He wants you to come to the shed’s open day this Sunday, 10am to 2pm, and to bring your wife and/or girlfriend and grandchildren.

Reg Fallon is a 90-year-old founder of the shed, a space where men get together and peer support each other to do the two things blokes always put off – talking about their problems, and fixing stuff. 

“If it’s difficult to fix, we’ll do it straight away. If it’s impossible, it’ll take a bit longer,” is the shed’s motto.

Mr Fallon said “I’ve been there since day one, in 2007, when we used to have the meeting at my place.”

The shed had since grown, and now occupies a cluster of workshops on Kalinda Road near Lake Wyangan. 

If you need something fixed, you can take it to shed, make a donation of your choice and wait for the men to work their magic. 

Greg McCarten, the shed president, said “we also make a lot of things for schools. And we get a lot of support from groups like Bunnings and Area Builders.” 

“Anyone is welcome to join, it cost just $20. We’ve got a great mix of guys – widows, former farmers, lots of blokes who have been through tough times.”

Let’s meet some the characters you’ll encounter

The Godfather – Reg Fallon, 90

“What happens in the shed, stays in the shed,” Mr Fallon said. 

The shed patriarch now leaves the dirty work to those under him, but still does the driving. 

“I can’t go over 50, though.”

The President – Greg McCarten, 77

Mr McCarten does the organising and keeps the boys in line. 

“We don’t get any whingers here.”

The Welder – Geoff Gullifer, 83

“Why do you want my welding mask on, am I that ugly?” he said to the photographer.

His wit is as sharp as his welding. 

The Sparky – Adrian “Bordy” Borginon, 42 

Bordy adds spark and fire to the men’s shed. 

The Plumber – Ralph Savage, 75

Mr Savage fixes all the leaks. He once fell through the roof, but injured nothing but his dignity. 

The Jack of all Trades – Rob Snaidero, 81

Mr Snaidero can make anything. He's a wizard of wood and smooth with signs.