Man attacks victims sleeping in holiday accommodation in Griffith

A man remains wanted by police after he attacked two people while they were sleeping in their beds on Saturday night.

The victims were staying in a holiday accommodation unit on Wilandra Avenue and had been entertaining guests earlier in the night.

But at 11.50pm, after the guests had left and the men had gone to sleep, a 25-year-old male has entered the unit and approached one of the victims.

The offender punched his 21-year-old victim in the chest and the arm before a 28-year-old man staying in the room tried to intervene and help him.

But the offender grabbed the 28-year-old around the neck, threatening both of his victims a number of times as he asked for his property to be returned to him.

The victims said they knew nothing of what the man was talking about – she then stole a set of car keys and then left the unit, before speaking to some people in a neighbouring unit who then contacted police. As the victims were leaving their unit to attend Griffith Police Station, they noticed their car had been moved.