Lake Wyangan's blue green algae issue

Social media was abuzz with keen fishers, swimmers and watercraft on the waterways of the Riverina over the weekend.

Brilliant weather and an amazing setting saw locals and tourists enjoying some of the best parts nature has to offer in our region.

That excludes the mosquitoes, of course. 

What a shame so many of these Griffith-based water enthusiasts had to travel to get a taste, while a lake on the city’s edge remains out of bounds.

There’ll be few around town who’d argue the benefits of having such a fantastic resource.

Having a body of water within a stone’s throw of a major population is a luxury many cities around Australia are unlucky to miss.

But to have such a facility going unused is disappointing.

Having it rendered unfit during the holiday period adds further salt to the wound.

The chorus of cries for a solution to Lake Wyangan’s blue algae problem is being heard, but the issue remains years after it first reared its head.

Perhaps the problem isn’t a lack of interest in finding a solution, but finding a long-term plan to make Lake Wyangan a sustainable resource for everyone well beyond this summer, for use for generations to come.

Council is copping a lot of the blame for Lake Wyangan’s current condition.

But questions need to be asked of Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI).

What is MI doing to maintain the run off coming from nearby properties and turning the lake into an effluent pit?

Blue green algae has come and gone over the years, but a final solution has never been found to the benefit of irrigators and water enthusiasts alike.

We can’t be accepting the state of the lake for the benefit of a few, and that means demanding long-term action.


Also, here’s a return of an old favourite…

Thumbs up

Thumbs up to the people of Griffith. 

After running out of petrol at the Wakedon-Macaffer round-about, people helped my family and I push the car to safety.

Others also went out of the way to bring water to the kids, and one kind person even brought some petrol to us.

Thank you.

Peter Broome and family.