New plans for deadly intersection

FRESH reports of near-misses at a deadly intersection between Hanwood and Willbriggie have prompted council to renew plans to redesign the road.

A 20-year-old man lost his life at the intersection of Kidman Way and Mirrool Branch Canal Road in 2008 and more recently councillors have been fielding harrowing reports of drivers fearing for their lives.

Councillor Dino Zappacosta fears there will be "another nasty accident" and said relocating the intersection should not be ruled out.

"People coming from Mirrool Branch Canal Road entering Kidman Way are having difficulty with the site both ways," Cr Zappacosta said.

"On the left there is a main canal bridge which obstructs your site and on the right is an avenue of trees.

"Even if you have a clear view of the road, you can't speed up fast enough to clear yourself of the 100km/h oncoming traffic."

To make matters worse, motorists travelling along Kidman Way have been overshooting the turn to avoid frightening situations.

"I had a local approach me who said he had his blinker on to turn at Mirrool Branch Canal Road but there was a huge B-double behind him, which he thought wasn't going to slow down," Cr Zappacosta said.

"Fearing for his life he decided not to turn because he was sure the truck wouldn't have stopped and he had to use a side-road further down Kidman Way to get where he was going."

Deputy mayor Doug Curran has been hearing from disgruntled truck companies registering near-misses that would otherwise have gone unreported.

"We're reviewing the speed along that stretch and we're negotiating with the adjacent land-owner whose trees are obstructing the line of site," Cr Curran said.

"Short of widening the bridge, we need to look at all avenues, which may include closing that intersection entirely, widening it or constructing turning lanes.

"The RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) has verbally advised they will allocate council $100,000 to get our design people on it, so we can use local people who know the local circumstances. Depending on the design the work could cost $5 million but we'll lobby the RMS for that funding in the next financial year once we have come up with a solution."