Sean's on target for world contest

CROATIA'S weather forecast isn't the type of internet search teenage boys normally devote time to, but Griffith's Sean Pianca has good reason for his meteorological interest.

Sharp shooter: Sean Pianca.

Sharp shooter: Sean Pianca.

Pianca will represent Australia at the World Field Archery Championships in the Croatian capital of Zagreb on August 15, the 17-year-old to shoot against older opponents in the junior (18-20 years) division.

Competition will take place in Maksimir Park an 18-hectare wooded enclave in the middle of Zagreb.

Given the outdoor nature of the sport, weather can have a significant influence on proceedings.

Pianca believes in being fully prepared and has been checking meteorological websites to ensure there are no rude surprises awaiting him.

"Every little bit of research helps," Pianca said.

"The research I've been looking at says it's going to be the end of their summer, so it should be quite warm weather and low wind."

Even though he will be competing against opponents up to three years older than himself, Pianca is confident of success.

Pianca is the current state and national cadet male compound champion and broke a national record at the weekend when he shot 395 out of a possible 432 at a qualifer ranking event near Goulburn.

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He was also crowned the state and national indoor champion at the Central Coast two weekends ago.

Given his recent success, it's understandable why Pianca isn't interested in making up the numbers at the world championships.

"If you're not going there to win, there's no point in going," Pianca said. "You don't want to be cocky, but you need to have some sort of self belief.

"The people I'll be up against will certainly have more experience, but that doesn't bother me. I'm feeling pretty good."

Pianca won't have long to unwind when he returns from Zagreb. In September he will represent Australia against New Zealand in the trans-Tasman competition in Brisbane.