Long hours squeezed out

REAL Juice's permission to breach local planning laws has come to an end and so must it's 18-hour work days, six days per week.

The Griffith juicing company has been operating since 2004 without an occupation certificate and in early April council allowed it roughly three months to meet fire regulation and waste water standards.

The company was also issued a stop-work notice on the construction of a weighbridge and has been using an off-site substitute ever since.

Council's director of sustainable development Neil Southorn has advised the company's normal business hours must resume, even though the business still falls short of council's standards.

"The company was given dispensation to extend operating hours but that has since expired," Mr Southorn said.

"The requirements to meet fire safety standards are approaching completion, which again is a bit behind schedule but the company is making progress at least.

"If they operate outside normal working hours they will again be operating outside their approval and we'll investigate complaints and pursue compliance."

If Real Juice requires another extension to normal operating hours, the company would need to seek permission from the 12 councillors.

Local man John Dickens, whose home on Duchatel Road neighbours the factory, has previously accused council of sweeping his concerns under the rug in a fiery exchange with Mayor John Dal Broi and hoped for strict policing of the juicing business.

"For these past three months of 18-hour days we have suffered the constant noise of trucks coming and going down the road when we go to sleep and when we wake up," Mr Dickens said. "Late at night all we want is some peace and quiet from the flashing lights and sound of forklifts.

"They were supposed to put a fence up to block the noise but they erected a tin fence which is a joke a corrugated tin fence isn't going to stop anything, it needs to be brick or concrete."

Real Juice's waste water is currently applied to land as irrigation, which they do not have permission to do, however council was satisfied with their attempts to construct a treatment plant.

Real Juice managing director Tony Taliano could not be reached for comment.


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