Misty mayhem for motorists

A BLANKET of thick fog greeted motorists in Griffith on Monday making driving conditions treacherous.

The pea souper finally lifted around 11am to reveal clear blue skies and sunshine but unfortunately for at least four motorists, it was too late.

The Kidman Way was closed for much of the morning at Darlington Point after two trucks collided in the mist.

A truck fully loaded with cotton pulled out of Murrumbidgee River Road about 7.45am onto the Kidman Way.

Because of the fog, the driver did not see another truck that was travelling from Griffith towards Darlington Point.

The second driver clipped the trailer of the cotton truck, which caused it to jack-knife.

Neither driver was injured but one of the trucks had to be towed from the scene.

The Kidman Way was closed until council workers arrived to clear oil off the road.

Another crash occurred at the intersection of Wilga Road and Irrigation Way at Whitton.

One of the vehicles failed to give way at the intersection and hit another car at 8am.


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