Memory of INXS gig lives on

AS GRIFFITH residents watched the final instalment of the INXS mini series last night, memories of a gig the band played here in the 80s came flooding back.

The band came to Griffith on July, 21 1985, playing to a full house at the Yoogali Club.

Cate Catanzariti nee King was only 16 when she met Michael Hutchence and got his autograph at the club the afternoon before the show.

"I'd seen him on Count Down and absolutely adored him," she said.

"I wasn't old enough to see the show, but when they first arrived in town my dad got me into the sound check.

"Michael was dressed in red leather from head to toe, wouldn't remove his sunnies and was such a show pony, but I adored him.

"In the end he was a bit of a disappointment. I was standing in the corner awe-struck when he ripped a piece of poster off the wall, wrote his signature on it and practically threw it at me.

"I loved the (television) show, it brought back memories."

Well-known Griffith musician Pat Sergi was on the Yoogali Club committee when INXS was booked.

"They were in their prime in Australia," Mr Sergi said.

"They did 600 shows in two years so when they got to Griffith they didn't know where they were. I met them but it was just a quick G'Day and shake of the hand.

"We experienced some great shows in this town. I'd rate INXS in the top three.

"Number one would be Cold Chisel, INXS two and Susie Quatro three.

"It was during the Count Down era and bands recognised Griffith as a good destination. The shows were usually through the week."

Mr Sergi said he had watched the two-part mini series, which featured the rise and fall of the band, with interest.

"I enjoyed it because I could relate to the story of growing up in that era and trying to make it and playing in pubs," he said.

"For me Michael Hutchence was the best front man in Australia.

"He was up there with performers like Mick Jagger."

Sam Catanzariti was the club's secretary manager at the time.

"We were lucky that a band like them did come to Griffith," he said.

"We bought out all of the top bands in Australia at that time and in comparison to others their management was probably the most difficult to deal with.

"I remember that with 10 minutes to go before they were due to start they were not going on because of a sign that we had hanging up, but eventually they did and it was a good show.

"We had a good venue because you could fit a lot of people in."

The second and final instalment of Never Tear Us Apart aired last night.

Fans remember Michael Hutchence, played by Luke Arnold in the mini-series.

Fans remember Michael Hutchence, played by Luke Arnold in the mini-series.

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