Last days to flick the switch

IN THE next few weeks, Big Griffith Switch members will be receiving their discount electricity offers and some – like Stephanie Duggan – can’t wait.

Almost 800 locals have now joined the campaign in a bid to beat down their staggering electricity bills.

With the registration period closing next week, the coming days are a last-chance opportunity for anyone interested to sign up and save.

Griffith falls into one of the most expensive energy areas in the state and mum-of-two Mrs Duggan – who moved to Griffith from Sydney three years ago – said the difference in charges between the city and the country was staggering.

“In Sydney, the most expensive bill we ever had was about $350,” Mrs Duggan said.

“When we moved down here, it was a rude shock.”

Now facing quarterly bills of $1800 to $2000, Mrs Duggan was keen to join the Big Griffith Switch in the hope of making a saving.

“I saw it on the news and a lot of people said they’d joined and swapped and saw a reduction in their bill,” she said.

“I though why not? Anything that can help me in the long run has got to be a good thing.”

The young family has moved five times in the three-and-a-half years in Griffith and the last house – an older style home – was the most expensive.

“I never, ever expected to get a bill that high for electricity,” Mrs Duggan said.

“My husband and I both work so we’re not home during the day and I couldn’t understand why it was so expensive.

“I switch everything off and unplug everything, we have to leave the fridge running but that’s about it.”

The electricity company put the expense down to an ageing electric water heater which, in a rental, the Duggans did not have the option to change.

Now, Mrs Duggan has established a payment plan to make the bill more manageable.

“Most people don’t have that type of money to spend on electricity,” she said.

“I have the money there, but I don’t want to spend my savings paying the power bill.”

One Big Switch director Christopher Zinn, who visited Griffith last week to meet with campaign members and answer questions, said negotiations were already underway with electricity companies to see which could up with the best deal.

Members will receive the discount offer via email once negotiations have finished. 

They can then choose whether to accept the offer and switch providers, use the offer to negotiate with their existing provider, or simply stick with what the plan they are on.

How you can join the Big Griffith Switch:

- Go to and register your details

- Phone One Big Switch on 1300 131 639

- Have your most recent electricity bills handy

TIME TO CHANGE: Stephanie Duggan has joined the Big Griffith Switch in a bid to combat her rising power bills. Picture: Anthony Stipo

TIME TO CHANGE: Stephanie Duggan has joined the Big Griffith Switch in a bid to combat her rising power bills. Picture: Anthony Stipo


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