Area News letters to the editor: February 16, 2018.

February 2018 has seen the conclusion of a big 18 months for Colin Rathbone, a former resident of Griffith. 

ACHIEVEMENT: Colin Rathbone's hectic 18 months culminated in carrying the Queen's Baton recently.

ACHIEVEMENT: Colin Rathbone's hectic 18 months culminated in carrying the Queen's Baton recently.

Colin, whose father Roy, was one of the founders of Pioneer Park, was one of the Baton Bearers in the Queens Baton Relay that passed through his current home town of Kiama, NSW on 5th February, 2018.

Colin was joined by 14 other local identities and sporting greats, one of which was Sally Fitzgibbons, world champion surfer as they carried the baton from the Leisure Centre down Terralong Street to the Blowhole and then on to the Showground where it boarded a navy helicopter and travelled down to Nowra to continue its journey around Australia before ending up on the Gold Coast ready for the opening of the Commonwealth Games on 7th April. 

His awards started in October, 2016 when he was awarded the Outstanding Local Volunteer for the Kiama Electorate by State MP, Gareth Ward. 

This was followed by the Kiama Council awarding him "Citizen of the Year" for 2017. 

Colin was awarded these tributes because of his work with Red Cross, Friends of Blue Haven Aged Care, Kiama Friends of Vision Australia and the RSL.

He has also been the President of the Kiama District Sports Association for over 40 years. 

In 2014, in conjunction with the Kiama/Jamberoo RSL Sub-branch, Colin was instrumental in creating a Light Horse troop in Kiama and he is an active rider in this at Anzac Day and other official functions. 

Peg Stokes, Kiama.

Defacing five generations of Centofantis

It is with some regret that I am sending this email, the lettering on the Centofanti Road sign has been defaced and it is now vulgar and offensive. There are now 5 generations of Centofanti’s that have been associated with the area and we are extremely disappointed that there are imbeciles in the area that would do this sort of stuff.

Could GCC please try and have the sign cleaned up or removed for the meantime until a new sign can be sourced. The people have done this maybe are not aware of infra-red technology and they may be unpleasantly surprised if they try it again.

We are aware that removing the sign would be a safety issue for fire, ambulance and rescue purposes but is extremely upsetting when you drive past.

Vince Centofanti, Griffith.

Shop front rentals causing concern for future

The trouble in the world today is greed.

You only have to look at all the empty shops in Griffith and Leeton.

If landlords would let shops at a reasonable figure the young people would not be lined up at Centrelink like they are now.

Gordon the Barber, Griffith.


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