Michael "Speedy" Stratton is now doing weekly news videos

Michael “Speedy” Stratton, veteran sports contributor at The Area News, is now trying his hand at hard news. 

Also known as the Hillston Hurricane, Speedy will be providing a witty, succinct three-minute wrap of the week’s big news stories.

Videos will be posted on The Area News Facebook page every Sunday

Facebook reported that his inaugural video, attracting more than 2,000 views, was “popular with women aged 55 to 64”. 

“I don’t know any women in Griffith 55-64… I was hoping for women aged 20-25,” he said. 

The following week his video was reported as being popular with women aged 45-54. 

“Razzle dazzle I’m ready to roll… we are moving in the right direction,” was Speedy’s reaction. 

Speedy hass shown he’s not afraid to tackle the controversial issues, last week unleashing on the NSW Government for spending more money on Sydney stadiums than rural schools and hospitals.

“Do you get a diploma for being a politician?” he asked

“Because if they do I’ll tell them where to shove it.”

In the next few weeks, Speedy will tell us about his three sisters who were once playboy bunnies in Hugh Hefner’s mansion. 

If you happen to watch on a Sunday, leave him a comment – he welcomes feedback.