Group 20 ready to take on Group 9 in Indigenous clash

MAKING A BREAK: Kelvin Simpson makes a run down the wing during the Group 20 grand final last month. PHOTO: Anthony Stipo
MAKING A BREAK: Kelvin Simpson makes a run down the wing during the Group 20 grand final last month. PHOTO: Anthony Stipo

The inaugural Group 20 indigenous side are preparing to take on their Group 9 counterparts as part of the pre-game for the Samoa vs Country under 23s side in Wagga on Friday.

Coach Craig Morriss said his side are looking forward to taking to the field.

“It’s a chance for the guys to play for their family and their community,” he said.

“It is a concept we have been trying to get off the ground for a while, and we want to get it started on the right foot.

“We are building a good culture of the guys who follow to build on.”

The side isn’t going in quite at full strength, but Morriss is still confident in his side’s ability.

“Kodie Charles is still injured from the grand final while Jayden Kelly has some other commitments,” he said.

“We have some young guys coming in so while we lose a bit of experience it is a great opportunity for the guys coming through.” 

Morriss said his side is ready to take on a very competitive Group 9 side.

“They have some good players as we have as well,” he said.

“Group 9 are very fast and have guys with NRL experience.

“It will be a fairly passionate game because our guys are really behind the game and what it stands for. I can see that with the way the guys are training and how they are talking.”

The Group 9 side will be lead by Ben Jeffrey who believes his side has found the right mix.

“We’ve got a few young kids in there plus some older, more experienced guys so we are pretty happy,” Jeffery said.

“Hopefully our young blokes can shine and show what they have got.”

Jeffery has named himself at hooker for the clash and is looking to get one over many of his former teammates, including plenty he played with Three Ways over the long weekend.

“Everyone wants to play on the big days and it is obviously going to be a big day,” he said.

The game will kick off at 5pm as the last of three curtain-raisers.

SQUAD: 1. Kelvin Simpson (Griffith Black & White), 2. Ethan Williams (TLC), 3. Michael Mitchell (TLC), 4. Josh Charles (Griffith Black & White), 5. David Charles (Darlington Point), 6. George Broome (Griffith Black & White), 7. Stephen Broome (Griffith Black & White), 8. Corey Loftus (TLC), 9. Jarrad Williams (TLC), 10 Troy Dumbrell (Yanco), 11 Robert Simpson jr (TLC), 12 Nathan Morris (TLC), 13 Kyle Charles (Darlington Point), 14 Michael Mogliotti (Yenda), 16 Mitchell Monaghan (Waratah Tigers), 17 Billly Ingram (Yanco), Coach: Craig Morris