Griffith Joggers Arsova round two

It was a quiet day on Scenic Hill for race two of the Griffith Joggers Arsova competition, what with the gee-gees down the road, tempting footy finals on television, and a run in Wagga the next morning ... running on the Hill can't always take first place.

Jim Salvestro says he "just felt good" after a mid-afternoon nap and took first place with daylight second.

Jim has rarely been in the top ten in recent years and it would take a magnifying glass and a few hours to pour over records to find when he last won line honours - and that's the best way to run - if you feel good, go for it and don’t worry about next week.

Andres Alduan had a good winter of running, claimed the Surfer title, and seemed in need of a couple of weeks rest, but he came back stronger than ever this week for second, knocking 45 seconds from last week.

Since starting on the Hill in May Alduan has been on the up-and-up and it is not yet known where his is headed.

SETTING THE PACE: Melissa Dal Broi and Kristy Brown starting their run around Scenic Hill recently. PHOTO: Anthony Stipo

SETTING THE PACE: Melissa Dal Broi and Kristy Brown starting their run around Scenic Hill recently. PHOTO: Anthony Stipo

In third, Peter Stockwell is running better than ever and is topping the charts at this early stage, Gary Andreazza fourth is also up there, and the newly wed Matt Ross had an extra spring in his step for fifth but honeymoon duties will preclude him from any chance of a trophy this comp.

Other rare sightings in the top ten were John Johns, Mirella Granata and Tom Mackerras.

Back in the pack there were a few taking it very easy before the Wagga Lake to Lagoon the next morning, where Aidan Fattore and Julie Duncan were the highest placed at fourth and fifth,

Good efforts also from Rodney Savage, Brendon Sinclair, Anthony Trefilo and Simon Fattore.

Sweeping the field, Darren Pooley made a return to the Hill and John Farronato seems to want to take John Dodd’s title of biggest yo-yo as he swings wildly from low to high placings.

Anna Price-Taylor had a red-hot-go this week to knock off five minutes and take first in the Short run.

The Guidolin twins apparently worked through their glitch from last week for second and third, and the Dal Broi twins were fourth and fifth - it appears that Hill running is becoming a team sport.

The top ten was dominated by the youngsters with Rod Bortolin the only other oldie to make the top ten.

Louise Gunn and Delroy Kasawaya were fastest - Delroy just 14 seconds off last week's best time.

The Joggers run from the water tower on Scenic Hill every Saturday at 4:30pm, the current choice is 5.4 kilometre Long or 3.3 kilometre Short, be early to register.

Point Leaders

Long course

Peter Stockwell – 45

Short course

Connor Dal Broi – 62