Baby of the week: Rocky Napoli

The Area News baby of the week is Rocky Napoli.

Rocky, a favourite of Griffith City Library’s baby bounce, is son of Anthony and April, and grandson of Griffith City Councillor Anne Napoli. 

He was born six weeks early, but now at 22 months of age is strong enough to take the SULO bin out to the kerb by himself. 

Name: Rocky Napoli

Age: 22 months

Parents: Anthony and April

Where from: Griffith born

Best thing about him: Astonishing physical strength 

Worst habit: He throws tantrums, a trait he takes after both parents 

Favourite TV show: Bananas in Pyjamas

Favourite foods: Ginger, anything that Nonna makes

Preferred music style: The happy birthday song. He could sing it all day

Predicted future career: Country music singer 

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