Baby of the week: Sophia Lolohea

The Area News’ baby of the week is Sofia Lolohea, the bestie of a previous BoTW Huey Light

Sofia’s mum works at David Davidge Solicitors and is from Yenda. Dad Willie moved here from New Zealand in 2004 and works for Griffith High School.  

On choosing the name Sofia, Nikita said “I was actually looking on Pinterest for baby room ideas and came across the prettiest room with the name ‘Sofia’ on the wall! And then it just stuck, I convinced Willie that we were naming her Sofia and never looked back”.

Name: Sofia Lolohea

Age: Three and a half months

Parents: Willie Lolohea and Nikita Withers

Where from: Griffith

Best thing about her: Sofia is so cheeky, always smiling and has always been such a good baby

Worst habits: Crying for a bottle and then throwing it away and falling asleep after it's been made

Favourite TV show: Bananas in pyjamas

Favourite foods: Her bottle (even though she licks her lips while watching everything we eat) 

Preferred music style: Her daddy plays guitar and sings to her every night and she loves it. Her mummy tries to do the same but Sofia often cries listening to her mums efforts

Predicted future career: Mummy and Daddy want her to do something she loves and something that makes her happy

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