Perosh to bring BJJ to Griffith

ANOTHER contracted UFC fighter is set to hit Griffith this weekend.

Just months on from the visit of Brandon “The Truth” Vera, one of Australia’s top Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) instructors, Anthony Perosh, will hold a special seminar at RMA & Total Fitness on Saturday.

Perosh’s appearance will not be just a one-off, however – in a major coup, RMA has entered into an affiliation with his Sydney gym Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts, which means the 41-year-old will oversee grading and set the curriculum for local BJJ fighters.

“To get any belt under Anthony Perosh is a big statement,” RMA’s Frank Cirillo said.

“That means he’ll be here regularly, doing seminars, and when we compete we’ll be under his banner.

“I’m trying to kickstart BJJ here – it’s like we’re the only people on the planet not doing it.

“It’s probably a little strange (to link with Perosh) because we’re a little dojo with no real BJJ instructor, but it’s been organic.

“We’ve grabbed things from DVDs and whatnot and created a group of people that just enjoy it.

“This is going to formalise everything.”

BJJ is a distinct grappling-based form of martial arts that promotes the concept that a weaker person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger opponent by using technique and taking the fight to the ground. 

The focus is on controlling the opponent and forcing them into submission, and there is no direct striking, which only comes into play in mixed martial arts competitions such as UFC.

“I’ve had my school here in Concord for 12 years and I walk down the street and the shopkeepers, they still don’t know what I do,” Perosh told The Area News. “You have to really see BJJ to truly understand it.”

Perosh said martial arts – and in particular BJJ – is an ideal way for young children to increase their confidence and stave off bullying.

“I was at an anti-bullying event a couple of Saturdays ago and I told them, not being biased, but martial arts is number one to increase confidence,” he said.

“The bullies only pick on the weak.

“I’m not saying my little six-year-old students beat up the kids in the playground but they already stand taller. You can see it. 

“They’re louder if something happens, they don’t just shy away.

“I see the most timid kids come out of their shells in three to six months of doing BJJ.”

Perosh, who has a 14-8 record in the UFC, will visit Wagga on Sunday as part of his whistlestop tour of the Riverina, before going into training for his next fight, which he hopes will be scheduled around the end of June.

“I’m in my third four-fight contract,” he said.

“The first fight was in December, which I lost by decision, but I’m hoping for another very soon.

“Thankfully I’m injury-free. 

“I’ve got a big week of gradings at my school this week, then I come to Griffith and Wagga and from then on all that is finished, so I’ll start to knuckle down and train.”

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