Little Olivia to lop locks for cancer

LIKE most little girls, Olivia Cappello loves her long hair.

But what sets this four-year-old with a big heart apart from the rest is that she is willing to sacrifice her lovely locks for a good cause.

The adorable preschooler, who attends Griffith Preschool Kindergarten, will have her beautiful long hair cut tomorrow at 10am so it can be turned into a wig for a child with cancer.

Proud parents Laura and Jason said it all started after a discussion with their inquisitive daughter about how cancer can cause people to lose their hair and how the kindness of those donating to wigmakers can make a difference..

“A friend of ours is cutting her hair in memory of her brother and when I was on her Facebook page Olivia asked what I was doing,” Mrs Cappello said.

“It provoked the conversation and Olivia wanted to know more, so we showed her a YouTube clip of a little girl who did it. 

“To our amazement she said ‘I don’t need my hair either so you can send it to the wigmakers to help kids’.”

Mrs Cappello said they didn’t take her request seriously at first. However, it soon became apparent that Olivia had her mind set on going through with it.

“We thought we’d leave it for a little while to make sure she knew what it meant. But she went into preschool and told everyone for ‘news’,” Mrs Cappello said.

“We truly appreciate the love and support of Kindylane – it really has become an important event for Olivia. 

“As much as I will be sad to see her hair go, I won’t show it – it is such a mature decision, we admire her determination and detachment to material things, and hope others do too.”

Olivia’s teacher Franca Panarello said they were only too happy to get behind Olivia, with a crazy hair day planned to raise funds for the cause.

“It’s amazing that she is doing something lots of adults would be afraid to do,” she said.

“We immediately wanted to support her. I think it’s wonderful.”

In a show of support Griffith Preschool Kindergarten is inviting children to come to school this week and make a gold coin donation going to Kids with Cancer Foundation for the privilege of wearing their hair in crazy styles and colours.

To make a donation to go to

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