Two major projects under negotiation 

TWO multi-million dollar developments are currently being negotiated with Griffith City Council after a raft of alterations to the controversial Section 94A were passed last week.

The requirement which forces developers to pay one per cent of the total cost of their development to council has infuriated the local business community, with many calling for it to be scrapped.

At last week's meeting, councillors agreed to amend the levy to allow council staff to negotiate with developers on a case-by-case basis and offer alternatives other than the lump sum payment.

Alternatives include potentially offering work-in-kind payment, voluntary planning agreements, reducing the percentage of the levy or capping it. Since then, council's planning department have entered into negotiations with two major developers, according to director of sustainable development Neil Southorn.

Mr Southorn said the amendments have already shown a positive affect on attracting developers to Griffith.

"It's safe to say there are two major projects under negotiation," Mr Southorn said.

"The mayoral minute effectively green-lighted the negotiations we're currently undertaking."

The investors are yet to submit development applications (DA) but are in the process of researching their options.

The amendments come after the Business, Development and Major Projects Committee was forced into a stalemate over the proposed alterations over Section 94A at a meeting last month.

While the changes will allow more flexibility and options for potential investors, Paul Pierotti from the Griffith Business Chamber said they did not go far enough.

"It is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done," Mr Pierotti said.

"The proposal is very short-sighted and doesn't address the real issues."

Mr Pierotti has pushed for Section 94A to be removed altogether, saying council should not be able to favour one developer over another, which he believes will be a result of case-by-case negotiations.

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