Happy family news sparks desire to help others

AN OUTPOURING of goodwill buoyed the spirits of Griffith's Filipino community still shell-shocked from the typhoon that decimated their home towns.

A collection point at Griffith Central shopping centre has been inundated with bottled water, clothes, tinned food and cash donations, prompting organisers to shuttle the goods to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church to free up space.

The Area News reported on Wednesday, local Filipino Nide Sergi feared for the lives of her three sisters and their respective families, but her entire family including her grandparents has since been located.

"I was so happy to find out my family was alive, it is so immensely relieving. It means I can now focus on running this charitable appeal to help all of those Filipinos in real need," Mrs Sergi said.

"One of my sisters climbed up a very tall mountain to get a telephone signal and called me with the news, but I couldn't speak to her for long because the whole village needs to use the phone and they have to ration the battery because there is no electricity.

"Unfortunately, it is believed one of my cousins, her husband and their two children have died because their entire village was washed out to sea."

Mrs Sergi thanked those who had made donations and explained every donation would make a difference to the country reeling from an indescribable natural disaster.

"It's good to know Griffith is full of people who are truly generous when someone needs help," she said.

"I am still waiting for news from the Australian government concerning the whereabouts of my cousin's family, but this is a nice distraction from a tragedy that feels like a movie.

"We are here (Griffith Central) for five days until Sunday and we would ask anyone who can, to donate to this cause."

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