CANDIDATE PROFILE: Norm Dunn, Katter's Australian Party

Norm Dunn, Katter's Australian Party
Norm Dunn, Katter's Australian Party

I AM standing as the Katter's Australian Party (KAP) candidate for the Riverina because of the lack of action as support the major parties have shown not just to the agriculture communities but also to those in manufacturing and small business.

The KAP has a management strategy that balances and mitigates the extremes of high and low rainfall cycles on farming and communities is crucial to the environment and to the communities that live there. 

By using sustainable irrigation practices support a huge biomass of native flora, fauna and migratory birds and as such, have become an integral and essential component of the Murray Darling River ecosystem. 

The ecological value of irrigation precludes the use of damaging unseasonal artificial environmental flows.

The KAP, will rescind the Water Act of 2007 and redraft it with real input from the inhabitants and water users of the Murray-Darling Basin to incorporate an unequivocal definition of "the environment" which includes human beings - their communal, agricultural, horticultural, commercial, recreational, historical and social activities - and gives them equal consideration in a revised management plan.

Katter's Australian Party will ensure all water purchased by the Federal Government is made available to irrigators in the dry years.


* Legalising same-sex marriage - NO

* Approving the takeover of Graincorp by ADM - NO

* Putting a price on carbon - YES

* Tony Abbott's paid parental leave scheme - NO

* Offshore processing of asylum seekers - YES

* Funding upgrades for Gocup Road and Brindabella Road - YES

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