The Trimboli family story influences their life and wine

The Trimboli family story

Family histories and the retelling of family stories can have an enormous influence on us as we grow up. And so it has been with Salvatore (Sam) Trimboli.

His Italian grandfathers grew small quantities of grapes in their hometown in Reggio, Calabria, and Salvatore's uncle in the same town is carrying on the traditional in making wine and supplying it to friends and family.

The region was very poor, becoming more so after World War Two.

Salvatore remembers the stories his late father told about the lack of work in his village.

His father walked, sometimes for 24 hours, to find work in other villages.

Finally, driven by poverty and hunger, the young family emigrated from Italy to Australia in 1967. They settled in Griffith.

The town had already become a "little Italy", where many residents spoke Italian, and made their own pasta, pizza, bread, salami and wine.

The region was perfect for horticulture, work was available, and Salvatore's parents eventually began working together at the local winery, Warburn Estate (formally known as Riverina Estate).

Many years later, Salvatore joined them at the winery, working after school and on the weekends aged just 14 and then taking full time work around 16 years old.

Salvatore then met the love of his life Maria, two years later they decided to get married, and start a family of their own with two children, Saverio and Patricia.

During the 30 years and ongoing studies Salvatore worked very long hours as he progressed to the position of Chief Winemaker at Warburn Estate at the age of 21 years old.

"My parents instilled in me that whatever I do I should always aim to do it right and never cut corners," Salvatore said.

Hard work came with a price causing Salvatore to miss out on really seeing his own children growing up and spent too little time with his wife Maria.

Salvatore remembers his father helping many immigrant families in Griffith.

"Their struggles reminded him of growing up in a very poor town with insufficient food and clothing," Salvatore said.

It was a lesson in kindliness and the importance of family and community which Salvatore has never forgotten and works hard to emulate through his own business.