Marian Catholic College presents Stargazing Live

It’s not every day that Griffithites get the opportunity to break a Guinness World Record, but on the night of Wednesday 23 May, we will get that chance with a Stargazing Live Star Party.

What is a Star party? I hear you ask.

Star Parties are being held across the country, where participants will simultaneously stargaze at the Moon through a telescope or binoculars for a 10-minute period.

The Area News spoke with Marian Catholic College Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teacher, Dr Elijah Marshall, to learn more about the event and why Marian Catholic College is getting involved.

“We are so blessed here in Griffith – the night sky in Sydney isn’t black, it’s dark grey.” Dr Marshall said.

“There are so many light sources around the place that finding somewhere in Sydney where you can actually see stars is really hard.

“So, we are blessed out here.


“Everyone out here [Griffith] is a one-in-twenty person – part of that 5% of the planet that can actually see the Milky Way.

“Ninety-five percent of the population cannot see the Milky Way.”

The Australian National University currently holds the Guinness World Record for Most People Stargazing Across Multiple Venues.

The record – set in 2015 – sits at 7,960 people across 37 locations.

Dr Marshall wants his students to contemplate the big questions while they are stargazing such as, ‘Are we alone in the universe?’

“There’s bound to be life out there somewhere,” he said.

Dr Marshall and Marian Catholic College decided to hold a ‘star party’ to set a record so large that it will be nearly impossible to break again.

The Marian Catholic College Stargazing Star Party will be held on Wednesday 23 May at Marian’s oval.

Participants who bring their own telescopes will gain free entry.

Participants requiring a telescope can purchase one with their ticket.

7pm: Event registration begins.

8pm: Stargazing Live broadcast – hosted by Professor Brian Cox and Julia Zemiro

8pm – 9pm: Guinness World Record attempt will take place

10pm: Event concludes

Visit the Marian Catholic College Facebook event page for more information and to purchase tickets for the event.