Flashback: Swim carnivals and outdoor pool gripes 10 and 20 years ago

February has long been the month for two time-honoured traditions in Griffith.

When are we getting a pool? 

A look back at The Area News this week 10 year ago this week shows the 50-metre pool debate front and centre.

The then head coach of Griffith Swimming Club Geoff Forbes said he was sick to death of his squad swimming on top of each other; and receiving regular complaints.  

“I generally tell them to go and get a shovel and start digging a hole because that seems like the only way we’re going to get a 50 metre pool,” he said. 

Later in the week, former ALP Riverina candidate Peter Knox lobbied for Griffith showgrounds to be the site of a new pool. 

Spoiler alert: It didn’t happen. 

2008 swim champions 

In more positive news, Exies Griffith Swimming Club celebrated winning 47 gold medals at a Hay swim this month in 2008.

And where there’s glory, there’s always a Groat. Sally Groat, then aged 8, won three gold medals as the equal youngest member of the squad. Mickayla and Samantha Graham also starred, as did Louise Hancock. 

Later in the month, Afton Palmer was profiled after qualifying for three events at the 2008 Telstra Australian Swimming Championships. 

1998 swim champions 

Twenty years ago this week, Sammy Lawlor, Melissa Crossingham and Maree Trembath were making headlines for their feats at the Griffith Public swim carnivals. 

And never far from the action, Richard Wiseman took on the other teachers at the Griffith High swim carnival. 

At Wade High, Levi Hancock and Catherine Brugger were stars. 

Have a flick through the online gallery to see all the photos.