Griffith Now Hiring campaign attracts 200 enquiries about moving here

“There’s no traffic, loads of effortless, free parking and everywhere you need to go in your daily life is within an easy 10 minutes drive”. 

That’s a key message of a combined council and industry marketing program aimed at attracting skilled workers to live and work in Griffith. 

Council manager tourism and economic development, Phil Harding, said stage one of the Griffith Now Hiring is now complete, and the results are encouraging. 

“The campaign, which ran from mid-September through to mid-December, saw more than 23,000 unique visitors to the website and attracted more than 40,000 page views,” said Mr Harding.

The campaign features a website; with information on Griffith employers, property, lifestyle and services; as well as videos providing case studies of families who have moved to Griffith. 

“Two hundred people requested further information on relocating to Griffith and were sent Griffith information packs in the post,” Mr Harding said. 

Griffith Now Hiring targeted areas within Sydney, Adelaide and rural NSW with high unemployment.

One of the campaign partners is Flavourtech, the technology manufacturer recently recognised as the regional business of the year at the 2017 Murray-Riverina Regional Business Award.

Vivian Chater, CEO of Flavourtech, said the Griffith Now Hiring campaign is a welcome initiative. 

"It costs a lot to advertise, and the return on investment we are getting is low".

"Last year, we advertised a number of positions... but we often get very few applicants".

"Unemployment is not an issue in Griffith... so we need to find more ways to attract talent to the region". 

But he said a campaign like this should be just the start. 

"The first thing we need to do is stop young people from leaving the region". 

Mr Chater said many young people go to university, and don't come back to Griffith. So there is a role of Council and media to find out why they are not returning; and what needs to change to encourage them to come back.

"We need find ways to engage young people so they want to stay". 

The Griffith Now Hiring project was further supported by state government through NSW Premier and Cabinet, with a $50,000 grant.

“The campaign has been successful, achieving outstanding results in a very short period of time,” said Sue Molyneaux, Human Resources Manager Casella Family Brands.

“I hope that the project is able to continue into 2018 for the benefit of Griffith and surrounds.”