Pink Up leads all the way to Kirribilli House

It’s not unusual to be invited around for tea, but it’s not every day you find yourself dining with the Prime Minister of Australia. 

Griffith Real Estate’s Tony Santolin and Brian Bertolin have been invited to spend the afternoon at Kirribilli House a very special Pink Stumps Day afternoon with the Prime Minister and Mrs Lucy Turnbull, Glenn McGrath and Tracy Bevan. 

Griffith Real Estate director Tony Santolin said the invite was a tribute to the hard work of the entire community. 

“We’re really going on behalf of Griffith. It just shows how much work went into fundraising last year and how the community pulled together,” he said. 

“We had so many young people in businesses across town spearhead these kinds of efforts.” 


Mr Santolin and Mr Bortolin will spend the afternoon with the Prime Minister and other guests this coming weekend. 

“We’re excited to go and meet Prime Minister Turnbull and his wife Lucy and we’re excited to be representing Griffith.” 

The Pink Up Griffith initiative calls for local businesses to decorate themselves and put a call out for donations. 

The funds from Pink Up Griffith go toward placing McGrath Breast Care Nurses across the country. 

Last year saw Griffith raise over $85,000 for the McGrath Foundation in a record-breaking year. The total surpassed Griffith’s previous best effort of $25,000 with ease.